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Hair Transplant Services is a standout amongst the most experienced in providing best hair treatment clinic/surgeon near your location in Roseville, CA. Our listing clinics utilize the world’s most perceived FUE gadgets Cole, and Safe framework. These mind-boggling gadgets are the result of broad of innovative work giving an insignificantly obtrusive technique and regular stylishly engaging hairline.

These days Two Methods of Harvesting Hair Follicles are famous- FUT and FUE

As of now there are two essential surgical strategies or techniques utilized as a part of performing hair transplantation-FUT and FUE. With the FUT procedure, an area of scalp is extracted with a surgical tool. The scalp is united with either sutures or staples leaving the likelihood of a giver direct scar in the back of the scalp. Next, the hair follicles or hair unites are embedded into small openings put by the specialist in the thinning up top beneficiary zone. The follicles with a solitary hair are set in the front lines to characterize and make a characteristic hairline. The thicker regular happening follicular units are set by turn in zones where hair thickness is required the most.

With mechanized FUE an insignificant profundity scoring punch gadget is utilized to extricate the follicle from the encompassing tissues. The little normally happening hair follicle units are then expelled specifically from the giver territory. With the FUE methodology, a 0.8 or 1.0 mm punch negligible profundity scoring extraction is utilized as a part of the skin around the upper piece of the follicular unit (hair follicles). The hair follicle is then separated specifically from the scalp and physically set into modest openings in the thinning up top region like the FUT strategy.



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  • Hair Transplant & Replacement
  • Transplant Scar Correction
  • Hairline Restoration at low cost
  • Medical Treatment for Hair Loss

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